Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 10

Yesterday was awesome! I did the Color Run training program, and I was able to run a lot more than I was expecting. My friend and I were planning on skyping, but I forgot about the time difference between New York and Iowa he was still in church. So while I was waiting for him to get back, I figured I'd exercise a little bit more. Thank you, Pinterest, for making it so much easier to find cardio exercises. I repinned an exercise for each day.
This is the one I did last night:
For the rest of the days of the week, along with lots of other tips and motivation, click here.

Tonight is bike night, and my hiney is NOT looking forward to it. I put socks on the seat to cushion the bumps. Doesn't help that much. I might actually have to break down and buy a pair of biking shorts.
Pretty good-looking, no?

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