Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 8

What a weekend! I was busy planning a "surprise" anniversary picnic for my parents. (I told them about it like a month ago...I was really hoping they had forgotten. But alas. My mother has an excellent memory. Ugh.) Friday night I went shopping with my fitness motivation, Brianna. We picked up the last few things I needed for Saturday. I made my parents french onion soup and served it with garlic knots and a salad. For dessert I cup up two pieces of cheesecake (one plain, one chocolate) and served the cubes in special dessert glasses. I served them citrus water in pewter mugs. It took several weeks to plan, four hours to prepare and set up, and about 5 minutes to take down. But they loved it. :) I set it up in a field near our house and tried to make it look country and simple. Here's the finished product:
The weather was absolutely perfect! It all came together so nicely!

Well, because of this...I did not exercise all weekend! Oh no! AND on Sunday I went to a graduation party and ate crap. Oops....

However yesterday I got right back into it. I forgot my water bottle when I went to work, so I didn't drink as much water and I normally like to. But I was super careful with what I ate. And last night I took my dog for a run. Well that was frustrating. She's not very good at running with someone. I don't think I'll be able to take her with me when I train. I'll just take her for walks later. She loves them!

Tonight I'm planning on doing my bike ride...I might even do four miles instead of just two. We'll see though. ;) I also have to prepare for teaching a kids' class for church tomorrow night, and I am going to skype my best friend in Iowa!! Yay! Life is so exciting. :)

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  1. It's ok to not exercise, and eat crap on occasion, but obviously not a good long term plan... It's so hard to eat right at graduation parties, so many delicious looking options!